15 March, 2016

2016 Finals Schedule

Saturday 26th March

Morning Session @ 10am       Umpire : David

Ladies Invitation                             Ann CLAYTON v. Margaret CROMPTON
4 Woods, 18 Ends                              Andy SPILLER          Brian CURSLEY

Non-Winners Trophy                       Frank BRIDGE v. Steven APSEY
21 Shots                                                            Marker : John

Afternoon Session @ 2pm       Umpire : David

David Crompton Cup                  Bob SHERBORNE v. Andy SPILLER
21 Shots                                                             Marker : Malcolm

Joy Lintott Trophy                           Ann CLAYTON v. Margaret CROMPTON
3 Woods, 18 Ends                              Philippa WHITE       Brenda EDWARDS

Sunday 27th March

Morning Session @ 10am       Umpire : Andy

Ladies Pairs                                      Ann CLAYTON v. Jean KESTERTON 
4 Woods, 18 Ends                                  Eve COLE            Philippa WHITE

Morning Session @ 11am       Umpire : Andy

Mens Pairs                                          David HARRIS v. Brian CURSLEY 
4 Woods, 18 Ends                              Doug LOOSKAN   Bob SHERBORNE

Afternoon Session @ 2pm       Umpire : Ann

Ladies Singles                                     Alison GLYDE v. Margaret CROMPTON 
21 Shots                                                             Marker : Jean

Mens Singles                             Malcolm DENSLOW v. Andy SPILLER 
21 Shots                                                             Marker : David

07 January, 2016

Aero Bowls Roadshow

On Sunday 31st January the Aero Bowls Roadshow will be visiting Cloakham.
Check the flyers at the club for more details.

14 September, 2015

2015-2016 Fixture List

Hi Bowlers!

The details for this seasons fixtures can now be found in the calendar (on the website).

A hard copy Fixture Card will be available for each member at the club from the end of this week - for those of you that have joined;)


08 March, 2015

Finals Schedule...

The schedule for the finals weekend is as shown below (Umpires/Markers to be advised):

SATURDAY 28th March 2015
Morning Session @ 10am Umpire : Malcolm

Ladies Invitation Ann CLAYTONJohn ELLIS
                                v. Alison GLYDE & Steven APSEY

Mens Pairs Andy SPILLERRoger LEGG
                                v. David HARRIS & Howard KEEP

Afternoon Session @ 2pm Umpire : Andy

Ladies Pairs Margaret BROWNMargaret CROMPTON
                               v. Philippa WHITE & Ann CLAYTON

Mens Singles Roger LEGG v. Steven APSEY
Marker : David

SUNDAY 29th March 2015
Morning Session @ 10am Umpire : David

Joy Lintott Trophy Ann CLAYTONPhil WHITE
                                   v. Brenda EDWARDS & Margaret CROMPTON

Non-Winners Trophy Mick HENEGHAN v. Frank BRIDGE
Marker : Andy

Afternoon Session @ 2pm Umpire : Andy

David Crompton Cup Roger LEGG v. David HARRIS
Marker : Bob

Ladies Singles Alison GLYDE v. Ann CLAYTON
Marker : Barbara

1. Competitors/Officials Dress Code: Whites
2. Rinks to be notified on the day of the matches, with the proviso that a player may not play more than once on the same rink on the same day.